Red Shoes

Hey guys, sorry it’s taken so long for a new post. The classwork here is starting to pick up a bit and I’m finally having to do some work. For a while there, I was beginning to think I wasn’t studying abroad, but living abroad. Nothing like an 8-page paper to clear up any doubt.

It was another local weekend, spend with friends here in the Blackhall apartments and touring around Dublin. I’m trying my best to save up for my 8-day trip to Italy in early March. Should be a great time.

So here are a few frames from the weekend. I spent Saturday exploring the Docklands, in east Dublin. It’s basically where the Liffey meets the sea. And just when I was about to board the LUAS and come home, mad at myself for not finding that many great picture opportunities, I saw a lady standing next to me with red shoes. Ironically, I thought it was one of my best snaps of the day. Hope you enjoy. More soon, I promise.

Oh, and thanks for the comments from a few of you. It’s cool to know that more eyes than my own are finding my pictures.




Docklands chopsticks

Old boat


~ by Peyton Lea on February 24, 2009.

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