My friend Erik and I attended the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival at Cineworld last week. The festival was here for 10 days and featured an amazing mix of Oscar-nominated features, indie shorts and features, documentaries, animation, and classics. The festival started with the Oscar-nominated “Doubt” (which I still haven’t seen) and closed with an all-Irish animation feature, “The Secret of Kells.”

I unfortunately only got to see one of the films in the festival (at 10 Euro per ticket, it was encouraging to wait for the DVD release). But the film Erik and I saw was a great, feature-length narrative–from the same writer/directors of “Half Nelson”–called “Sugar.” The film was about a young up-and-coming baseball pitcher, nicknamed Sugar, from the Dominican Republic. He gets selected for Spring training in Arizona and quickly gets bumped up to play in the minors in Iowa. It was a beautifully shot film that battled the conflict of finding peace and fulfilment in your life, even if it means starting completely over. If you have a chance to watch it, do so. 7/10.

Here’s the trailer for “Sugar” and a picture I took outside the festival. Hope you enjoy.


~ by Peyton Lea on February 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sugar”

  1. Hi, came across your post through tag surfer.
    This looks like an intersting movie. Is it out on DVD? Did you enjoy it?

    • I’m not sure about its DVD release. It has only been released in film festivals thus far (Sundance, Toronto, Dublin, etc). The official site says it will release in NY and LA on April 3, 2009. So perhaps the DVD release would be somtime at the end of this year. I did enjoy it. It was a very authentic-feeling film that was well shot and has a universal message. It found beauty in Iowa cornfields and in Domincan Republic poverty. Definitely worth a watch if you get a chance in one of those cities in April.

  2. Peyton–I am thoroughly enjoying your photos. You certainly have an “eye” in capturing life. Keep up the fantastic work!! In fact, you have inspired me to make some web albums. Thanks!

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