Life According to Garry

My college, Elon University, was gracious enough to lend me a camera for the semester in Dublin. They were also gracious enough to let me enter into its film festival called 50/50. A theme is released on Friday afternoon, and all groups have 50 hours to brainstorm ideas, shoot footage, edit it, and produce a short film or documentary. The kicker is that you are only allowed to use 50 words or less.

So this weekend, I spent Friday with Garry, the homeless man who I posted about a few weeks ago. He was nice enough to let me hang out with him for the day and film and ask him questions. Needless to say it was quite the experience. I can safely say that the day will be one I remember forever. Garry assured me he felt the same way.

The film festivals has cash prizes for first, second, and third places, as well as a cash bonus for the film with the most YouTube hits in a one week period. So if you like my doc. please pass it along to family or friends. I really hope you enjoy the video and find it as inspiring as I found filming it.

My piece, “Life According to Garry”:

( link.

The rest of the films can be found at

Thanks to Rosser Douglas for the opening song to my film.

Thanks to you for watching.


~ by Peyton Lea on March 1, 2009.

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