Thank You.

Hello all. It has been a while since my last post, hope you’re still hanging in there with me.

I simply wanted to thank EVERYONE for their overwhelming support and positive comments on my 50/50 film festival entry “Life According to Garry.” I can’t even describe how much it means to me to see that something I made affected people in a positve way. The judges of the competition seemed to be affected in the same way, landing my short in first place! I was pumped. My best friends from Elon, Max and Eddie, put together a terrific 7 minute short for the competition called “My Brother.” His group took home second place, and I was very happy for them. Even if the results had been the other way around, I’d be thrilled. But long story short, THANK YOU for watching and supporting.

More very soon.


~ by Peyton Lea on March 18, 2009.

One Response to “Thank You.”

  1. WAY TO GO, I-DA-HO!! WOO HOO! so proud of you boy! sorry, but just now seeing the email, and therefore, the movie. Super job! and Patty Smith (sarah’s mom!) said she saw you on Good Morning America! Wish I hadn’t missed that! Take care babe–can’t wait for a hug when you get back! Prayers for you! 🙂

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