Things I’ve Missed

My time in Ireland is coming to a close. It has been an absolutely incredible last few months, filled with highs, lows, and most of all living. In addition to traveling all over Ireland, I’ve also gotten to go to Spain, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. I’ve seen many amazing things, met many amazing people, and experienced many amazing cultures. Though my experiences have been so rewarding, I do feel right coming home. I’ve been away from North Carolina for 4 months, and I’m ready to get back, feel the warmth, play golf, and drink sweet tea. Which brings me to the following list of things I’ve missed about home. Things I can’t wait to experience again. Thanks for tuning in while I was abroad. Everyone’s support is what made it possible for me to be motivated to get out in this big world and live it up. So until next time, thank you very very much.

Things I’ve Missed From Home:

sweet tea
ranch dressing
good fried chicken
fruity pebbles
bad movie nights
(yes, I’ve missed CHUD and Scarecrow Gone Wild)
watching sports
(especially hockey playoffs, the Masters, even NASCAR)
hot days
warm nights
seeing the stars
dominos pizza and wings
steaks from my dad’s grill
my dog, Boots
(who, unfortunately, I’ll keep missing even after I’m home)
my Jeep, Fletcher
Elon friends
acoustic guitar
working washers and dryers
pretending I can skateboard
sleeping late
etc, etc

For those of you keeping track, pictures are soon to come from Germany and Switzerland. Thanks for bearing with me. Catch you soon. Take care.


~ by Peyton Lea on April 25, 2009.

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