Movie Review (2/5): Role Models

I’m not really sure why it took so long for me to get around to watching Role Models, but I was certainly glad when I did. David Wain, who directed the brilliant Wet Hot American Summer, wrote and directed this comedy about two adults who get in trouble with the law and are forced to do community service. I’m generally a fan of anything Paul Rudd is in, but I felt he was especially entertaining with Sean William Scott as his partner-in-crime. Aesthetically, it fit the mold of most comedies, allowing the content to be the king, not the style of filmmaking. In other words, the lighting was very even and high-key, even during night scenes. In the instance when the group goes camping, the lighting is fairly even, thanks to the “campfire.” The shots were generally simple and mostly wides, mediums, or close (no extremes). This is certainly not to say that David Wain lacks any creativity whatsoever. On the contrary, he and Paul Rudd wrote such a creative and humorous script that the best choice for the film was to allow its events to play out simply for the audience. The camera was mostly steady-cam, although there are a large number of dolly and crane shots used for establishing shots. Editing didn’t get too wild, with a few slow-motion exceptions. Besides the fact that the legal system was very lenient on Rudd and Scott’s characters, the story’s plot line was very believable and definitely entertaining. Though the story direction was pretty much predictable, it elevated itself from the potential cheesy family comedy it could have been and presented a maturely humorous and somehow captivating film.


~ by Peyton Lea on October 14, 2009.

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