The Mind of Margot: Trailer

I had written a script originally for a screenwriting class about a guy (Craig) who finds a journal and falls in love with the girl (Margot) who wrote it without knowing who she actually was. The initial intent was to make it into a feature-length script where the stories in Margot’s journal come to life and play parallel to Craig’s actual life. It was going to be that kinda of Slumdog-esque approach where things start to happen to him that are mimicked in the journal. But after starting to write it, I realized it would probably work best as a short. And instead of full on parallel stories, we would hear Margot’s journal entries as voice overs and have corresponding dream-like sequences that Craig would be imagining. The idea took well to the class at the time, but I never set out to film it. When we got an assignment for JCM 326 to create a movie trailer or commercial, I immediately thought about the script and how it would serve well as a two-minute trailer. We broke into groups of three and set out to film the project. I took on the roles of writer, director of photography, co-director, and editor. The shoots were somewhat guerrilla, but were fun and non-pressured. Richard McNulty and Andy Newman star as Craig and Richard, respectively, and the footage of Margot was played by Joanna Bateman and shot by Colin Havey. It was a blessing to use such great footage, and I thank both of them. The two songs used were “Dickery Dock” by my friend Rosser Douglas and “Hoppipolla” by Sigur Ros. It’s cool to see a long time project come to fruition, even if it is just a two minute sampling of it. My goal is to shoot the entire short film in the Spring of 2010. Without further ado, here is our trailer…


~ by Peyton Lea on October 28, 2009.

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