Assignment 5: Editing

So we had to edit together archival footage from before 1970 and make a 1-3min. narrative, documentary, animation, or experimental film. I hadn’t really tried an experimental film yet, and decided to give it a shot. I created a minute and a half long video called “Crazy.” I found a really animated narration from a film about learning manners and used it throughout. I was hoping to achieve a montage of things taken out of context and applying the question “but do you think they were crazy?” Because really, we’re all a bit crazy.
A big challenge I faced was narrowing the voice over down to 1-3 minutes. There were a lot of usable bits. Another challenge was finding usable clips from 10 different video sources. I selected every video that started with the letter “J” in the online archive. Not really sure why, just thought it would be interesting and go along with the experimental feel.
Anyway, here you go…


~ by Peyton Lea on November 23, 2009.

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