East on Sunrise (Final Assignment)

Well the semester has reached its end. I had a ton of projects in not only Cinema Production, but in all my classes. But with projects comes knowledge. And the cool thing is, it’s the type of knowledge you only gain from experience. If ever I have to recreate the sound of an oil drill, or need to sit in the trunk of a moving car while shooting in the rain, I can say that I’ve been there before.

Though I’m proud of all my work from the semester, I’m very proud of this final short film. A lot of that has to do with the fact that we completed a pre-production notebook. As originally pissed as I was that we had to turn it in, I soon realized how much doing storyboards and a marked shooting script and location scouting and lighting plots helped me think about the project and how I was going to execute the shots. It was the opposite of half-assed. (Whole-assed?? .. weird.) It was a developed idea that I thought about constantly before shooting. The visual elements of the short are seemingly simple, but I can attest that each frame has meaning a reason behind its look.

By far my favorite shot is the dolly forward on Kevin in the driveway. It ended up looking fantastic. We used the car mount on the outside of the driver’s side window of B’s car. I was standing outside, walking along with the shot, bracing the camera, while B drove. I think it’s power comes from the fact that it’s the first time the audience is really able to see Kevin from the front. Up until that point they just catch glimpses of his profile at best. The reverse shot of Bonnie getting out of the car is also the first time the audience sees her. It was the plan to have our “love at first sight” be the first reveal of the characters’ faces even though it’s late in the film. It serves as an unexpected climax. (that’s what she said)

The colors are another thing I paid close attention to in the editing room. While Ashley drives around being horrible at directions, the video has a cold, greenish-blue tint. In contrast, when Kevin and Bonnie see each other for the first time, the film changes to a warm, yellow-orange tint with a glow filter.

I’m done talking about it now. I enjoyed my semester.. and am very happy with how this turned out. Hope you enjoy.


~ by Peyton Lea on December 14, 2009.

One Response to “East on Sunrise (Final Assignment)”

  1. Hey Peyton,

    Your Dad gave me your blog address a couple of months ago, and I just found it. I like the film. Nice twist.

    I was actually looking to get in touch with you because I heard that you might have gotten some video of me singing at the wedding and wondered if that was true and if you still have it. If so, I’d love to get a copy of it.

    Hope everything’s going well!!


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