Two Thousand Ten

I realized I haven’t yet made a post in this new decade. I don’t really have anything pressing to say, just wanted to say something. This year already had some highs and lows. I sat and watched my favorite college football player craft a perfect season only to get injured on the first drive of the National Championship game. The Longhorns (and me) never really recovered. I read a report that Colt McCoy convinced the doctors that he didn’t feel any pain in his numb right arm. But his dad asked him to throw him a ball in the locker room. The seven yard pass fell short of his father’s feet and it became clear the winningest quarterback in college football history wouldn’t play in his last game. It was saddening and frustrating to watch.
But sometimes that’s life. Sometimes a normal looking hit happens to pinch a nerve and creates a numbness that you can’t recover from. The interview with Colt after the game was so telling to his character. He simply said how he doesn’t question God’s will and by putting his faith in Him, he’ll always being standing on the rock. It was amazing to see someone have such strong convictions after something so devastating.
So anyway, that was that. The other parts of 2010 have been good, and I’m gearing up for my last semester of college when my only class will be Golf. I’ve got a few film projects lined up that I think will be great. I’ll be collaborating with a lot of great friends and making use of the time on my hands (hopefully). Then I’m planning on a National Parks road trip tour with my brother. Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, California, Arizona, and Utah. Then I suppose it’s the real world. Jobs and money and responsibilities and all that. So I guess I’m considering 2010 not only a new decade, but my new decade. A transition year. Exciting, yes. Terrifying, a bit. Inevitable, definitely. Might as well face it head on, right?
Just wanted to acknowledge two thousand ten in blog form and say hello to the future.


~ by Peyton Lea on January 17, 2010.

One Response to “Two Thousand Ten”

  1. Excellent post man. I trully will miss Colt as well…what a blessing to have him at our program. Good luck to you and don’t look back.

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