Photo Shoot near Hotlanta

Even though I’ve only been working with Steve Exum for a month or so, I’m already realizing the travel that is involved for an on-location photographer. The latest adventure took us south of Atlanta to Senoia, GA to the Southern Living Idea Home. We took a crew of 7 people (photographers, assistants, art directors/stylists), and man we worked fast. The day of shooting went from 6:00am-10:00pm with not many breaks in between.

The day for me started with driving to Newnan, GA to pick up a 43-foot cherry picker. Steve had rented it to get some high-vantage-point shots of the house. So I arrive, hook it to the trailer hitch, and ask the dude to show me how to use it. Upon turning it on, the engine catches on fire. So naturally the man hands me a towel and we start slapping the flames until they finally die down. Let me remind you that this is a vessel that lifts human lives 4 stories into the air. In particular, was going to–later that day–lift my own human life 4 stories into the air. Awesome. Bet you couldn’t have convinced me a month ago that I would be slapping out a fire on the engine of a cherry picker that I would later use to go 4 stories into the air to take photos of a Southern Living Idea Home… But that’s life.

But rest assured, I am typing this blog post which means I was hoisted 4 stories into the air by the firey death machine and lived to tell about it. Here is a video slideshow that my co-worker Griffin made from all of our photos from the weekend..


~ by Peyton Lea on June 29, 2010.

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