Carolina, I Love You

Here is a short film I shot last summer. To be quite honest, I really wanted to test my new Sony NX5U and happened to have an old script I had never gotten around to filming. So with help from Luke Gunn and Kat Nardizzi, I had actors. With help from Steve Exum and Luke Lemanski, I had a crew. And with help from Palmer Dillion and Rosser Douglas, I had locations (116 Oak in Elon and the Blue Ridge Parkway in Asheville).

Honestly, the film is meant to be a simple, thought-provoking story about love. I think I wrote it on one of those rainy, “what does it all mean?” type of nights. I don’t know. But with influences from past relationships, the story proves to be pretty personal. It was fun to make, and the camera test was successful. The Sony did give me a stuttery film look, but I do think it lacks that true film-like shallow depth-of-field. Anyway, hope you like it…


~ by Peyton Lea on March 10, 2011.

One Response to “Carolina, I Love You”

  1. Yeah well directed and edited meaningful important stuff like that

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